We want to share some of our expanding vision for The Indie YYC Community. In the near future, we’ll be launching some brand-new, curated online content, featuring more of our fellow artists and more diverse art forms to be shared with our growing community. We’ve expanded our team of curator-hosts to provide you with personal contacts for these new opportunities. Here’s a quick snapshot of your expanded team of curator-hosts and their new, online performance series.

Carla Olive, a wonderful singer-songwriter known to many in our community, has joined our Inner Community and will be the curator-host of a new music series dedicated to female singer-songwriters. (

David Andrew Wiebe, one of our founding Inner Community members, will be hosting a new series dedicated to sharing valuable entrepreneurial information and resources to all aspiring independent artists in our community. (

Karlo Keet (Catstar Images), an Inner Community member, freelance photographer and graphic designer will be the curator-host of an exciting new series dedicated to sharing the work of visual artists. (

Wakefield Brewster and Jonathan Ferguson, both Inner Community members, will be co-curating and hosting a cool new (and familiar…) series, featuring unique collaborations of poets and musicians. (,

We’ll be announcing new details on all of these new artist opportunities throughout this month. The Indie YYC Community is creative and growing, so stay tuned!


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