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October 2020 programming news!

Thank you, Indie YYC community for supporting our transformation, and especially for supporting our new creative series. All of our programming is designed to offer you fresh opportunities to share your creativity with the world, as well as provide you with fresh knowledge and ideas to help you pursue a truly independent, creative life.

During September, we launched our Creative Entrepreneur podcast series (hosted by David Andrew Wiebe), and Women in Music (hosted by Carla Olive). Both David and Carla are available (DM us on this page and we’ll connect you) to talk about further information resources and opportunities to perform (via video) on our fast growing community platform. Look for new series vids all this month!

This month, THE BIG NEWS is that Wakefield Brewster aka da lyrical pitbull and Jonathan Ferguson (Long Jon Lev and Cloudy Day Music) are launching TIyyc CREATIVE’s newest artist opportunity series, The Two Beat! TTB is our updated take on the fusion of poetry/spoken word and eclectic, diverse instrumental music.

If you’re a visual artist of any genre, you can look forward our new series, The Indie YYC Gallery, hosted by photographer Karlo Keet (Catstar Images). We’re currently in development, but TIyyc Gallery promises to be a great opportunity to share your creations, images, and videos with other visual artists and the community-at-large.

Stay tuned, community! And feel free to share this page and info with your fellow artists. A community that creates together, grows together!


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