The Indie YYC is a new creative community dedicated to inspiring local artists in pursuit of independent creativity, independent thought, and independent life.

The Indie YYC has a goal of becoming a sustainable, entrepreneurial community for the long-term benefit of community members. The community will pursue this goal through the sponsorship and staging of new creative events, as well as developing networking and resource opportunities (both artistic and practical) for all community members.

The Indie YYC community will include local artists of diverse creative genres, beginning with a focus on music, poetry and spoken word, and literary expression. In addition, The Indie YYC will seek to build a complementary audience community of artists, arts appreciators and supporters, who will be encouraged to participate in a new openness to diverse forms of artistic expression. Our audience community will participate through friendship building, ticket sales, sponsorship, and merchandise opportunities.

The Indie YYC will sponsor unique creative events that seek to cross boundaries of genre and convention. These events will be staged in partnership with independent venues who share our vision to inspire and support local artists.

  • THE NEW BEAT is an event that draws some of its inspiration from the 50’s and 60’s Beat generation that fused powerful poetic truth with visceral rhythms and inventive music. TNB will be hosted by Wakefield Brewster plus an improvisational instrumental duo that will provide the musical backdrop for a featured local poet, as well as a TNB Open Stage segment. The TNB Open Stage will be an opportunity for all local poets and spoken word artists to perform their work with an intentional musical accompaniment.
  • STORYTELLERS will be a creative crossroads and meeting place for local artists from 3 distinct communities; Songwriters, Poets, and Authors. The event will be hosted by Adrienne Adams and will present a central story-theme performed as an organic collaboration of artists from each community; telling the story in 3 dimensions.
  • AVANT GUARDIANS will be the first regular arts event in Calgary to feature avant-garde and alternative musicians and artists in a dedicated setting. The Indie YYC is offering this opportunity to the largely unknown and underground community that creates unique expressions of music, sound, and image. The event will create a new, supportive community of artists and appreciators who are inspired by avant-garde and alternative expression.

The Indie YYC is truly “a community of communities” with a desire to disrupt and refresh the local creative scene.


LiveWire Calgary, June 2020