Inner Community

Frederick Tamagi

Frederick Tamagi is a songwriter, entrepreneur, speaker, and arts community builder. He is the former owner of Café Koi, one of Calgary’s foremost arts and music communities. Frederick is passionate about The Indie YYC commitment to inspiring and supporting independent local artists.

David Andrew Wiebe

Best-selling author, entrepreneur and musician David Andrew Wiebe is the Founder & CEO of Music Entrepreneur HQ, a community dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs breakthrough in their careers. He is excited to bring his expertise to the community where no one gets left behind.

Wakefield Brewster

Wakefield Brewster is Resident Poet for Calgary’s Grand Theatre. Hailing from the Big Smoke of Toronto with a heritage from Beautiful Barbados, Wakefield Brewster is a Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Toronto to Calgary Poetry Slam Champion, Teacher, Seasoned Professional Performer and a Black Belt Tae Kwon Do Practitioner. Wakefield is over the moon overjoyed to be a small part in this big blessing to the Artistic Community of The Indie YYC.

Jonathan Ferguson

The wordy, high-energy troubadour Jonathan Ferguson has been a champion and purveyor of story-based songs for much of his life. The Indie YYC gives Jonathan a chance to help bring some of Calgary’s finest musical storytellers together with poets and authors for unique collaboration across the artistic spectrum.

Karlo Keet

Karlo is the owner and photographer of Catstar Images. Aside from photography, Karlo also does video and audio work for other organizations. When he’s not doing these amazing things, he can be found doing other awesome activities such as working out, meditating, and practicing reiki.

Carla Olive

Carla Olive

Singer-songwriter and musician Carla Olive has deep roots in the music industry as an independent artist and creative community leader. Living in Victoria, BC, she champions the local music scene for singer-songwriters and musicians – with a special focus on Women in Music. Carla believes that The Indie YYC community can encourage, raise-up and recognize the uniqueness of female artists in a predominantly male music industry.