ARTiculate is our new comment and discussion thread series, moderated by artist and author David Andrew Wiebe. David will be asking important, thought-provoking questions that we hope will motivate YOU to share your opinions and engage in discussion with fellow TIyyc community members. One of the things that we missed most during the pandemic was the organic sharing of experiences, ideas, and opinions with our fellow artists. We know that the independent creative life is both challenging and inspirational. ARTiculate will be YOUR opportunity to challenge and inspire others with your respectful, personal comments! (

Speak UP! is our new spoken word series, dedicated to the poetry of protest and change! Our very own poet-performer-provacateur, Wakefield Brewseter aka da lyrical pitbull is inviting all poets and spoken word artist who have a passion for change, a desire for justice, and a VOICE to express this path…TO HELP US DISRUPT AND INSPIRE! Contact Wakefield if you wish to submit a vid with your disruptive, inspirational words for the community and the world! (


WOMEN IN MUSIC…An original music series devoted to showcasing female singer-songwriters. Contact Carla Olive for more info (

THE TWO BEAT…A unique collaboration of poets, spoken word artists, and musicians (instrumental, electronic) co-curated by Wakefield Brewster aka da lyrical pitbull and Jonathan Ferguson (Cloudy Day Music). Contact Wakefield or Jonathan for details (,

GALLERY…A unique slideshow exhibition series for ALL VISUAL ARTISTS! Curated by Karlo Keet (Catstar Images). Contact Karlo for more info (

The Indie YYC CREATIVE is a community of passion, expression, and growth for all independent artists! Share your creativity with your fellow artists and the world!