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Diverse artist opportunities abound here!

Today, we launched our newest creative series, The Indie YYC GALLERY, as a showcase opportunity for all VISUAL ARTISTS in the community. Photographers, video artists, painters, sketch artists, sculptors, artisans, designers…Any and all types of visually-oriented artists are welcome to submit your work for a TIyyc GALLERY exhibition. We’ve developed a friendly slideshow format for your submitted photographs and commentary, and if accepted, we’ll produce the show for you to share on our growing social media platform. TIyyc GALLERY is curated and hosted by Karlo Keet (Catstar Images), and his debut slideshow is your introduction to the opportunity. If you’re interested in submitting your work for an exhibition, contact Karlo (

The Indie YYC Women in Music Series continues to encourage and inspire female songwriters far and wide. If you’re interested in submitting an original song video to share on our community platform, contact our curator-host Carla Olive for details (

The Indie YYC Creative Entrepreneur Series is focused on helping our diverse artist community find new inspirations and pathways to achieve more creative and practical independence. Our host, David Andrew Wiebe (Music Entrepreneur HQ) posts a new episode every Friday, designed to provide artists with useful insights and advice from fellow creatives around the world. Contact David for more information (

The Indie YYC THE TWO BEAT series will be emerging soon, featuring unique collaborations of poets, spoken word artists and instrumental musicians from our community. If you’re a poet or spoken word artist who would like to submit a video piece for musical collaboration, contact our co-curator host, Wakefield Brewster aka da lyrical pitbull, for more information (

If you’re an instrumental or electronic musician who would like to try a musical fusion with a poetry or spoken word piece, contact our co-curator host, Jonathan Ferguson (Cloudy Day Music) for more information (

The Indie YYC CREATIVE is your community platform and we want to share your creativity with the world!