Our diverse, dynamic community offers amazing opportunities for you to EXPRESS YOURSELF! Check out these great, recurring series and contact our curator-hosts for more info on how YOU can share your creative expressions on this growing community platform!

WOMEN IN MUSIC…An original music series devoted to showcase female singer-songwriters. Contact Carla Olive for more info (carla@theindieyyc.com).

THE TWO BEAT…A unique collaboration of poets, spoke word artists, and musicians (instrumental, electronic) co-curated by Wakefield Brewster and Jonathan Ferguson (Cloudy Day Music). Contact Wakefield or Jonathan for details (wakefield@theindieyyc.com, jonathan@theindieyyc.com).

GALLERY…A unique slideshow exhibition series for ALL VISUAL ARTISTS! Curated by Karlo Keet (Catstar Images). Contact Karlo for more info (karlo@theindieyyc.com).


2 (count-em), 2 brand new series being developed for our amazing community of artists! David Andrew Wiebe, author-musician-provacateur, will be launching a new, ongoing discussion forum to explore some of the most important questions and challenges facing independent artists and creatives.

Wakefield Brewster, poet-teacher-provacateur, will be hosting and curating a new poetry/spoken word series to open new doors of protest and purpose.