Counting down to the TWO BEAT…Debut vid drops tomorrow!

Poets, spoken word artists, instrumental and electronic musicians, all collaborating in original expressions of words and music.

Wakefield Brewster and Jonathan Ferguson (Cloudy Day Music) are co-curating this unique series for YOU! We’re looking for more artists who are interested in exploring this new creative fusion opportunity to share with our ever-growing community and the world. Contact Wakefield ( or Jonathan ( for more details.

CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR is for artists who are looking for ideas to expand their independence in pursuit of the creative life. David Andrew Wiebe is the host and curator of this regular series, posting every Friday. Each short episode will stimulate your thinking and encourage you to create. Contact David ( for a free copy of his “Essential Guide to Creative Entrepreneurship” (limited supply), or just to dialogue about your creative aspirations.

GALLERY is our new series, showcasing all genres of independent visual artists. Karlo Keet (Catstar Images) is the curator-host of this exciting artist opportunity. Photographers, painters, sketch artists, sculptors, video artists, artisans, performance artists are all invited to submit their work for our virtual exhibition/slideshow format, which we will produce for you! Contact Karlo ( if you want to share your artform with our growing community audience!

WOMEN IN MUSIC is our series dedicated to female singer-songwriters. In the last few months we’ve introduced some amazing, original music videos to our growing community and we’re always looking for more great female singer-songwriters who want to share their creativity and inspire their sisters and brothers. Carla Olive is our curator-host for this wonderful series, so if you’re interested in submitting a simple DIY video for your original song please contact her!

March is full of sharing opportunities with artists in our community. Stay safe, stay creative!