There are an amazing variety of opportunities for artists in our community to express themselves and share their creativity with the world! Check out these great, recurring series and contact our curator-hosts for more info on how YOU can share your creativity on this growing community platform!

WOMEN IN MUSIC…An original music series devoted to showcasing female singer-songwriters. Contact Carla Olive for more info (

THE TWO BEAT…A unique collaboration of poets, spoken word artists, and musicians (instrumental, electronic) co-curated by Wakefield Brewster and Jonathan Ferguson (Cloudy Day Music). All you need to do is submit your individual vid, we’ll arrange a partner, and then produce the final collaboration for you. Contact Wakefield or Jonathan for details (,

GALLERY…A wonderful, encompassing slideshow exhibition series for ALL VISUAL ARTISTS! All you need to provide are photos of your work, descriptions/inspirations, artist statement, links, and preferred background music. We will produce the exhibition for you! Curated by Karlo Keet (Catstar Images). Contact Karlo for more info (

CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR…We’re committed to helping all artists in our community become more independent in your pursuit of a creative life. Best selling author, musician, and coach David Andrew Wiebe regularly shares interviews and progressive thoughts to assist all creatives in our community. WE’RE WORKING ON SOME EXCITING NEW PROGRAMMING TO STIMULATE AND INFORM ALL CREATIVES! STAY TUNED!

You can also contact David to get a free copy of his Creative Entrepreneur Guide (

The Indie YYC INSPIRES PROJECT…We’re still open to any creative video submission from our community to help encourage and inspire us as we continue to navigate these strange and challenging times. Songs, poetry, music, visual art are all welcome. Contact any of our curator-hosts if you have an artistic inspiration you’d like to share with the community!

Stay safe, stay creative!